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Book Review: Political Church: The Local Assembly as Embassy of Christ's Rule

Douglas Baker, member of The Journey Church, wrote a review of
Jonathan Leeman's new book, Political Church: The Local Assembly as
Members of Christ's Rule.

"As the title suggests, the local church is to be seen as an “embassy
of Christ’s rule.” Leeman realizes that prevailing notions of a local
church are largely unknown as to the significance of all that churches
are and can be in a community. He believes that ultimately the
“political hopes of the world rest upon the local church–in its life
together.” This startling statement tacitly rebukes the prowess of
legislative chambers where politicians seek to make the world anew. In
ways that continually reinforce the fact that the most important
realms of life lie outside the ability of men and women to legislate,
the great hope offered to the world by the church is a different kind
of politics.

Leeman believes the church to be a place where “aliens, strangers, and
unwelcome immigrants” are present. It is a politics that “expects,
even embraces, persecution” because it is a community who has
submitted themselves to a crucified King who laid down his life for
them so that they might lay down their lives for one another. In the
end, the church is the colony of heaven where war is no more, as men
and women from differing political perspectives and cultures “beat
their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.”

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