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Tactical Christianity: Prayer and the Mission of Christ


In Colossians 4:2-6 Paul connects prayer with the mission of Christ; he connects prayer with the expansion of the Kingdom of Christ as it marches to the ends of the earth through the heralding of the church-victorious (Matt 24:14). For Paul, the church has two primary weapons at her disposal as she participates in this soul rescue mission: the proclaimed word (Col 4:3; cf. 3:16) and prayer (Col 4:2-4).

Delving into Colossians 4:2-6 reveals that Christians wield a distinct message seasoned with salt (Col 4:6; cf. Rom 10:17), Christians are called to live a distinct life in wisdom toward outsiders (Col 4:5; cf. Col 2:3; 1Pt 2:9-12), and Christians beseech God with distinct prayers for open doors so the Word of Christ may be declared with clarity (Col 4:3-4; cf. Acts 14:27).

Under the inspiration of the Spirit, in Colossians, Paul calls the church to live “distinctly” on planet earth this side of eternity. As he exhorts the church, he employs the metaphor “walk". For Paul, “walk” as a metaphor for Christianity implies that life in Christ is a marathon of conformity, not a sprint (Col 1:10; 2:6; 4:5) as the church progressively learns how to live a “distinct" life by grace through faith in Christ while on mission for Christ (Eph 2:8-9; Matt 28:18-20).

In the month of August, I’m inviting The Journey Church to grow with me in conformity by linking prayer with proactive mission for Jesus Christ’s honor and glory and fame in our borough. As you’re able, I invite you to prayer with me at two times:

  • on Sundays at 9:15 in the prayer room located near the courtyard entrance
  • on Wednesdays at 7am in the sanctuary

We will pray through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) as we ask God for three things in relation to the mission of Christ:

  1. For God to open doors for the Word to be declared, not suggested, with clarity in our community through the ministry and members of The Journey Church
  2. For God to grant The Journey Church wisdom as we strive to direct the affairs of our lives in honor of the Lord Jesus Christ
  3. For courage as we proactively engage the skepticism of our community with gracious speech, seasoned with salt in hopes that the unsaved will be reborn in Christ by grace through faith.

If previous obligations prevent you from attending either of those prayer meetings, I’m inviting you to prayer with me from wherever you are. As you do, pray through the Matthew 5-7 with us.

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