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Why An Mobile App?


In a world of changing technology, many churches do whatever they can to keep up and stay “relevant” with the world around them. If one church latches onto technology, chances are others will follow suit, especially if it appears “successful”.

The hard part of technology is knowing which to pursue and which to let pass on by. Not everything is profitable for the church. Sometimes, glitz and glamour can be repulsive.

Several months ago, we were given an opportunity to rebuild iPhone and Android mobile apps for The Journey Church. While it may appear a way we’re just merging more with culture, we believe it provides us an opportunity to expand our influence by delivering content to our congregation and to those who might not come to a Sunday service. 

So, you might be asking, “Why?”

There are some simple reasons why we’ve gone this direction:

  1. Did we mention it’s free? Because there is no cost associated with our app—outside of time spent uploading content—it was almost a no-brainer. We really have nothing to lose.
  2. iPhone and Android users within The Journey Church can now keep up with sermons, blogs and events in real-time. You can catch up on a sermon you missed while you run in the morning or as you take the train to work. We’re just a touch away.
  3. People outside TJC can get a glimpse. Sure, we have the website, but the world is increasingly mobile, and this free app is another way to open the door to people who are unready or unwilling to step inside the church building.
  4. The information is intensely biblical. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with putting the Word of God on display for others to see/hear.

This could easily become a slippery slope. This app is free, but upgrades to other mobile apps would bring a monthly cost. At this point, we have no ambition to move forward with those upgrades. We are simply testing the waters with this venture.

Our aim is not to build some massive media empire. We are not claiming we have the best, most flashy stuff out there. We simply see this as a cost-effective delivery mechanism to showcase who The Journey is as we continue to reach out to the world around us with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

If you have an iPhone or Android device, download the app and give us your feedback. Regardless of whether you have a smartphone or not, all the content from the app will still be available to you right here on our website.

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Thanks! I have it on my iPhone and my iPad. Looks and works great. Anything that keeps me in touch with my Church family is a great tool to me.

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