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Membership matters. The New Testament points us toward membership in the local church for our mutual encouragement in the faith, our protection as Christians, and our instruction in regards to practical Christian living. Aware of the tremendous blessings and responsibilities of a church member, at The Journey Church (TJC), we seek to carry out the membership process through two simple steps:

Step 1

Discover TJC Class — All prospective members must first attend one of our regularly offered Discover TJC Classes, which gives a comprehensive view of who TJC is, why TJC exists, and how TJC operates. In the class, you’ll discover more about

  • TJC's history
  • TJC's statement of faith
  • TJC’s vision, purpose, and mission
  • Expectations you can have of TJC, and
  • Expectations TJC has of its members

We will also provide opportunities to ask any questions that might arise from the content of the class or a personal experience at TJC.

Discover TJC Classes are offered on Saturdays from 10am-2pm four or more times throughout the year. Lunch and childcare are provided.

Step 2

Membership Interview — After each prospective member has completed the Discover TJC Class and prayerfully spent time considering their involvement within TJC as a member, he or she is able to request a membership interview with a TJC pastor to provide basic biographical information and to recount God’s converting work and recent activity in his or her life. This interview is a 45 minute to 1 hour conversation. The prospective member would then sign our statement of faith and membership covenant in view of being added to TJC membership.