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Can You Change if You're Gay? David White to speak at SNT

WEST CHESTER - David White, a counselor at Harvest USA, will speak for the April 2017 Sunday Night Theology (SNT) at The Journey Church of West Chester, PA on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 4:30pm.

The talk —Can You Change if You’re Gay? — will focus on same-sex attraction and the Christian faith.

What if you or someone you know has a same-sex attraction? How do you sort through the many voices and opinions surrounding this issue? Does the Bible have anything to say about this issue - both for those who are struggling with homosexuality and those who love them?

The Christian view of sex and sexuality is seen as outdated and increasingly harmful. Homosexuality is now accepted as a leading cultural indicator of true love between two people who genuinely love each other. Many think the church should not stand in the way of homosexuality or offer any sort of response and/or help to those experiencing same sex attraction.

The Bible reveals God’s design for sexuality for the individual, the family and for the society at large. White will teach how to understand God’s design for sex and how to learn to appreciate its beauty, learn to live within biblical boundaries, and enjoy the gift of sex as it was originally conceived.

“This is a white hot topic in our day," stated Raymond Johnson, Lead Pastor. “As a church, we are looking forward to this time with David because I know he will help us think carefully, compassionately, and biblically about same sex attraction. It is my prayer that many in our church and community will be helped by David's talk as we search the Bible and our hearts for ways to better understand this very sensitive issue.”

David White has served at HARVEST USA since May 2000. He disciples men struggling with all kinds of sexual sin, leads support groups and partners with churches to address these critical issues. He has taught courses on ministry to sexual strugglers at Biblical Theological Seminary and Philadelphia Biblical University. David is a graduate of Temple University and Westminster Theological Seminary and is a teaching elder in the Philadelphia Presbytery (PCA). He is the author of 'Sexual Sanity for Men', and 'Can You Change if You're Gay?' and “Raising Sexually Healthy Kids.”. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Jen, and his four children.Dave White 061906 - CROPPED.JPG